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Volunteering: A year-round labor of love

Posted on April 8th, 2016

Greeting blood donors, transporting vitally needed blood products to hospitals — it’s all in a days “work” for LifeStream’s volunteer team.

And that’s not all. Volunteers are involved in many aspects of LifeStream’s daily operations, but the goal is the same — that the mission statement (“We help save lives by connecting donors and  patients through the gift of blood“) be fulfilled 365 days a year.

National Volunteer Week is here, and LifeStream salutes our fantastic group of volunteers all week. But, really, they are celebrated each day by those giving blood, by local medical professionals, by those in need and their loved ones. Because LifeStream volunteers play an integral role in the lifesaving process.

The awards and accolades coming their way are nice, and certainly deserved. But the greatest reward this week and the other 51 during the year is knowing they have a hand in helping a child battling cancer, a mom giving birth, an accident victim suddenly needing assistance.

Students, retirees, and all ages in between are involved in the program. There’s room for you, too. You’re in invited to take the first step toward joining a team of unsung heroes by clicking here or calling 800-879-4484 ext. 458.


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